Are YOU wanting to learn marketing & earn MORE money?!

Then this is for YOU!

What Is Included in The Royal Marketing course for Kings/Queens?
The Royal Marketing for Kings_Queens


17 Sections, handouts and templates, and step-by-step Training Videos!
I walk you through the entire digital marketing process from start to finish to make sure your content is seen by your exact target audience and not wasted by the market.

I will show you how to find the right keywords to attract your customers. How to grow your accounts and been seen as an authority. How to create a brand. I’ll show you the best practices for creating Facebook Ads. How to create eye-catching graphics. How to edit your videos, how to upload and optimize your videos and finally how to properly share your videos online to get insane levels of reach

Royal Marketing for Kings/Queens will give you exactly what you want in less than 4  hours and OVER 6 hours of BONUS content; More targeted views, proven strategies and techniques, more traffic & leads, AND allowing your videos to be found on YouTube by your ideal customers as well as the market. 

CHECKLIST & PDF DOWNLOADS + Reading list and best tools to use!

We created checklists and cheat sheets to keep you on track with your digital marketing ideas, goals & objectives! 


We put together a special bonus section that will cover everything you need to know in order to create the perfect Opt-In. From content, to design, to set up, to email integration and testing, we will show you step-by-step how to turn your fans/followers into actual leads and customers. And website creation, content marketing, and how to qualify leads! And 

What to expect

The best course out there for everything digital marketing.

Do you have an idea you want to spread?

A business idea you can’t stop thinking about?

A message you know the world needs to hear?

The desire to work for yourself?

Do you want financial freedom, and to live life on your own terms?

Then look no further!

This Royal Marketing course for Kings/Queens is just for you!

It’s time to claim that crown that has always been waiting for YOU!

Want An Inside Look of What’s Waiting For You?

PART 1: Mindset

  • Growth mindset: Helping you get rid of limiting beliefs so you can have the confidence to grow your business and scale. 
  • Goal-setting your way to success: A proven strategy that will help your create S.M.A.R.T goals that will set up for success and ensure that you not only obtain your goals but also surpass while having a roadmap to get there!


  • Content Clues: Content Brainstorming Tactics AND The Exact Strategy I Use to Discover Strong Content Topics That Your Target Audience Is Seeking 
  • Keywords to Success: A Complete Guide Through The Google Keyword Planner to Demonstrate Exactly How to Use SEO to Optimize and Rank Yourself Leading to Free, Targeted, Organic Traffic Coming to You and your business Every. Single. Day.


  • How to Structure Your Content: The Exact Outline and Structure to Use in Order to Create Your High-Converting, Customer Attracting Content  
  • Writing the Copy: The Key Elements that Every Copywriting Requires PLUS My Exact Writing Process I Use For Every Content
  • Video Editing in Under 5 Minutes: A 5 Minute, Step-By-Step Demonstration on Exactly How to Edit Your High-Converting Videos


  • How to Get Even More Views for Your content/business: All of the Steps, Tips, Secrets, and Tactics I Use that Will Help Your Video Get the Views, Engagement, and First Page Ranking You Deserve
  • My Exact Content Ranking Steps: Including How to Write Your Video Titles, Descriptions, Tagging, Thumbnail creation, Transcription and More!


  • Email Marketing: How To Use Your digital marketing skills To Build Your Email List, and In Return, Use Your Email List to Build and Grow Youtube Channel
  • Social Media Promotion: How to Add Gasoline to The Fire By Promoting Your Videos Through Social Media. I Will Take You Through Each Social Platform Including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to Demonstrate How to Use Them Each Specifically to Gain More Views on Your Videos.


Okay So We’ve Created, Optimized, Uploaded and Promoted You and your business, But We Can’t Leave Without Demonstrating How To Turn Your Views Into Actual Leads.

  • Part 1: Opt-in Concept
  • Part 2: Opt-in Design
    Part 3: Website Creation
    Part 4: Leadpage Set-Up
    Part 5: Email Integration
    Part 6: Testing
    Part 7: Content Marketing
    Part 8: Qualifying leads

It gets even better!

We have helped COUNTLESS people around the world thrive in business and life using these practices, and we’ll so confident that this course will help you that if you are not OVER-satisfied with your results that we will give you a 110% money back guarantee and you can keep the course!

For a limited time only we are doing a HUGE special so it’s accessible to everyone during these crazy times, so instead of the $997 that it is worth (if not way more) we’ll giving it to you for a FRACTION of the cost!!

Ready to take your marketing endeavors to the next level!

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