We know, finding new clients can be a challenge, and it can be a tough market, but with our help, it doesn't need to be. Not only do we think you deserve FREEDOM but we'll also be there every step of the way!

With these state of the art and effective system we can target only those who are looking for what you have to offer without wasting any ad spend, and can qualify them so they’re REAL leads!

We promise to get you 30-60+ leads a month with this method, but some clients has gotten over 130+ LEADS!!


  1. Facebook Ads (Ours and other clients favorite).

  2. Google AdWords and SEO (Otherwise known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing,) are advertisements on Google to increase your chances of being found when someone searches for your type of business).

  3. Website Marketing Funnel. (Cutting edge marketing techniques to bring customers to our website).

  4.  E-mailing List. (We create an emailing list for your future sales).

Here at Vibrations Marketing we'll all about providing value first & over delivering because we believe in earning business and not asking for it! So, here is a FREE Facebook ad training & some insights on how they work!

Schedule a free discovery call now and we’ll handle the advertising so you can work ON the business instead of IN the business. 

Vibrations Marketing

Social media is the modern day business card, & your brand matters, so let us help you grow it so you can grow your business.

You’re right, everyone is on social media, and it is a full-time job to manage.
Nearly 77% of people use it daily, and this is for at least two hours a day, so let us help your go from obscurity to authority so you can grow your brand and position it into the spotlight so your clients come to YOU!

  1. Facebook business page
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Other social media channel of your choice.

This one post got more engagement than most people ads receive, and it brought A LOT of business organically, and for FREE. 

Now, just imagine what we do for our clients! 

Are you ready to take your business & life to the next level faster than ever before?! Then our Bundle Package is just for you! (Advertising & Social media). 20% off.

Combine the best of both worlds so you can not only attract an INSANE amount of leads through advertising but so you can also massively grow your brand so you can get leads during any time, and become the leader in your industry! 

We get it, you don't want to go to 100 different places to get the solutions you need to grow your business, & you're right, you shouldn't have too, so we went ahead and went the extra mile for you so YOU don't have too!

  1. We offer the best exterior, interior, and headshots around.
  2. We also create virtual tours for you that are MLS ready and have them sent to you within 24 hours of the shot.

Are you tired of having to rely on a website that you don't own, or even worse, is that site not bringing you in enough leads? Well, let's fix that now so you show up first when people need real estate needs fulfilled!

  1. Create website. (Custom, links, edit, funnels and more!)
  2. Includes domain and server cost.
Coaching in Austin Texas

You're an entrepreneur, so let us guess, sometimes you like doing things yourself? Hey, we are with you on that, so we also provide coaching to give you the extra edge vs your competition and to save you YEARS of learning marketing to get the results you want when YOU want!

1. We would meet weekly either in-person or through a zoom call four times a month for an hour at a time (Where I often go over the allotted time to make sure you get the most out of each session and have all of your questions answered), and I’ll be there to not only answer questions. Teach you new strategies and tactics for marketing, but will also help you do them as well!

2. Where I also give 2 pieces of content feedback twice a week where I’ll help you structure it, and help with converting with it more or attracting more potential clients.

3. Where I also give all of my templates (valued at over $500), and training videos.
And you will also get all my new ones as well as they come for being a loyal client.

4. I’ll also be giving you all of my books which are 3 in total now, and the 3rd book is ALL about marketing and has been helping people land more clients left and right after just only a day of reading it! (Valued at over $150)!!

5. I will also be available to you for any calls or text to answer any urgent questions that you may have in-between our weekly sessions. (And, I’ll also be in your corner any way that I can and will recommend people to you as well)!

Our promise to you

Vibrations Marketing is much more than an digital marketing agency, we specialize in branding, driving traffic, building, optimizing, and so MUCH more.

Here we believe that there is more than one solution for any problem and we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients by offering not only marketing practices but as well as business consulting and innovative ways to bring your dreams and business to life.

With us you can be ensured that you will have every need expectation met, leaving you with time to grow your idea/business and make the biggest impact on the world.

We believe in promising what you want and then over-delivering to bring you the best results possible!

And, we know there is a lot of unethical marketers out there, you’re right, this does all seem to amazing to be true, so to give you even more peace of mind here is what we’ll do for you!

We offer 110% money-back guarantee if you are not over-satisfied in anyway. 
AND, we’ll let you keep all of our templates, trainings, and books!

Vibrations Marketing

Hey, I'm Jordan Suber, The owner and founder of Vibrations Marketing, and... Most of my clients call me The Marketing King, and soon, you'll know why!

Jordan Suber is from Lawrence, KS and has moved to Austin a little over a five years ago now to further his education and his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He went to school at ACC for psychology and business while participating in Toastmasters. Was also the Psychology Club President, and was a part other leadership groups, and would spend whatever time he can help his clients through business consulting & life coaching and digital marketing, and after ACC he then went to Texas State University on a full-ride for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for I-O psychology and marketing.

Jordan Suber is also the author of two 5-star published books the first being Perfectly Perfect – How to Live Your Dream Life which was first published on Amazon and can be found in libraries, bookstores, and some hospitals, and his second book is Flawlessly Flawless – How to Start & Finish Anything. This is is one of the ways he has been giving back to help cut the learning curve for others who are making a name for themselves. Both books are all about learning the skills of self-belief and self-confidence. How to overcome hardships, how to be happier, and live life on your own terms.
He has just finished his third book which is all about marketing, but only those in his inner circle, and his clients have access to it because it just that powerful!

Jordan not only shows how to lead a great life through example but also how to create one from nothing. He was born with a high level of lead poisoning and not only did he overcome and beat it after the age of 6 he was also homeless off-and-on from 12-18 and he now uses that experience to help other people who are facing misfortune or just want to be their best versions.

When he isn’t buried in growing his marketing agency, Vibrations Marketing, learning more about marketing and attending conferences, or writing his next books you can find him giving back to the community by volunteering for things around ATX like SXSW as a Crew Manager and many other events. He has a huge passion for helping and being involved in his community as well as trying to make a difference in the world. Knowing how it is to need help and or needing to overcome massive hardships in life.

Lastly, aside from collaborating with other like-minded people and dream-chasers on articles, Youtube videos, books, business and a plethora of other ventures you can find him public speaking for events.

You can follow him on facebooktwitter, Instagram, connect via personally at his email vibrationsmediallc@gmail.com to get the full scoop and inquire more about his other services.
Read the full interview at https://futuresharks.com

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